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by EvoWing
08 Feb 2019, 00:21
Forum: Pro Designers
Topic: MYGT Bluetooth/Wireless Controller
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MYGT Bluetooth/Wireless Controller

Just thought that I would upload this controller. Here's a link to the actual controller if you fancy hyperlinks.
by EvoWing
30 Jul 2014, 05:38
Forum: Cannot find controller
Topic: Contoller not listed
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Contoller not listed

I have a rock candy xbox 360 controller, but it not listed in the list of contollers, when I tried to use this one since my other controller to too unresponsive, it wouldn't let me use it with the regular 360 controller settings. Could you help plz?
by EvoWing
29 Jul 2014, 21:42
Forum: Cannot start Xpadder
Topic: Neverending Load -solved
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Neverending Load -solved

Ok, so I redownloaded and saved the program, but now I can't do anything with the program because it stuck on the loading screen. Can someone please explain?

by EvoWing
29 Jul 2014, 11:02
Forum: Cannot start Xpadder
Topic: Opening program issue -solved
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Opening program issue -solved

I bought and downloaded Xpadder, but I cannot find the icon anywhere on my computer. I tried to redownload it but I got this message: Error This program is already running from somewhere else Running Location C:\Users\______\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE \KKLKIOEA\Xpadder.exe Current ...

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