Stinky Gaming board

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Stinky Gaming board

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I bought a Stinky game board thinking I could use this to do my mouse actions. reading thru the help posts it appears this 4 button device that is currently limited to single key stroke configuration is something other that what xpadder supports. it has it's own GUI but it is not found by windows or xpadder. Device manager has it in the usb controllers as a composit device. I'm fairly sure that I'm out of luck on this device working with Xpadder. can someone confirm that assumption?

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Re: Stinky Gaming board

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I purchased one myself some days ago for 54,92€ at Amazon Warehouse deals.
Yes, we are out of luck with that device. It works as a configurable keyboard and not as a controller. The only way of making it work with Xpadder would be replacing it's electronics with some like the Leo Bodnar Universal Interface Boards, but for just 4 buttons this is not really worth the money especially considering the the the foot board itself is already rather expensive.
The only other possibility would be if the developer would create a second driver for game controller inputs and would allow to configure the foot board that way in their software.

The creator mentioned in this Kickstarter update that it would be possible to emulate mouse keys using GlovePie, but this software has completely been abandoned since years ago and there are rumors about the website being hacked and distributing viral downloads.

I would really like to be able to assign sequences and Tap&Hold to the footboard buttons.

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