Xpadder not recognizing gamepad input

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Xpadder not recognizing gamepad input

Post by paranoidandroid »

I'm not exactly sure how to explain my problem, so it was hard to search for similar issues. Apologies if this has been addressed.

I just purchased Xpadder and downloaded the latest version without a problem.

My controller was recognized, and it allowed me to paste an image. Working as intended until this point.

Then, I get to the point of activating the sticks and buttons.

I turn on the left stick, it says 'press <- on analog stick' or something to that effect. Nothing.

I tinker with it, I restart, I reinstall, and nothing. So I move on to the buttons. 'Press a button on the gamepad to map a key.' Nothing.

I've been at this for about an hour and a half, so far no dice. Anyone had similar issues? How were they solved?

I'm using the Power A mini pro gamepad for the record, and there was an image for this exact pad on the website, so I would think it was compatible.

edit: also, I can open up my gamepad in windows and all of the joysticks and buttons work in the configuration window.

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Re: Xpadder not recognizing gamepad input

Post by SGTCableDog »

Strange problem I don't remember hear of before. If you click the controller tab at the top of the main Xpadder window it will open the controller properties.

Xpadder controller properties

Do the bars move when you move the sticks and press the buttons? If this windows says the controller is Xbox360 compatible and the XInput bars are not showing then we need to enable the feature in Xpadders settings. Click the wrench icon in the top right of the main Xpadder window.

Xpadder settings

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