Logitech Rumblepad....trouble !?

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Logitech Rumblepad....trouble !?

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Trying to get set my two RUMBLEPAD 2 sticks to move in the desired direction....but just can’t make them go the direction I set them for !?
Left stick : After setting it up for up & down with the arrows, it’s going left & right !!!
Right stick : set it up so it prioritize vertical movement....yet when I move it up, it goes left.....when I move it down.....it goes UP !?!
Also, I do not see a right stick in the left box, only saying left stick & Z-stick....is this “normal” ?

Hope I made myself clear......and some one can come to HELP !?!
Later, Robert ;)

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Re: Logitech Rumblepad....trouble !?

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Open the Controller Setting again and check it it is working correctly while this window is open.

If it doesn't work correctly too, open the section "Stick" and redo the detection of the two stick by using the "Detect" buttons.

If it works while the Controller Settings window is open, close Xpadder as explained here, open the folder where you placed the Xpadder and check for a file called xinput1_3.dll. It manipulates how Xpadder detects the controller, so you shouldn't place it in the same folder as the Xpadder.exe. Either delete this xinput1_3.dll or move it into another folder, respectively move the Xpadder.exe and it's Xpadder.ini into a own folder.

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