Sabrent 12 button controller

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Sabrent 12 button controller

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I just downloaded Xpadder and my sabrent 12 button controller isn't working properly. The right stick isnt being recognized. it doesnt detect and neither do the three buttons in the middle.. I"m wondering if there is a problem in Xpadder or if there is a problem with the controller. I successfully got my other controller a microsoft xbox controller for windows to work properly. I am writing the xpadder folks and the sabrent folks to see if I need an xpadder adjustment or an exchange or just a refund.


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Re: Sabrent 12 button controller

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The three buttons in the middle aren't supposed to work as controller input , these are function buttons of the controller (at all it's a 12 button controller, not a 15 button one). The mode button supposedly swaps the function of the Dpad and the left stick, but pressing it may also change something for the right stick. Simply try it or refer to it the manual of the controller about that. The turbo button changes function of a button that is either pressed at the same time as it oe after it (again, refer to the controllers manual about that) to a turbo mode and the clear button will remove this turbo mode.

If the mode button cannot fix the function of the right stick, open the Controller Properties in Xpadder (by either clicking on the controllers tab or opening the controller menu and clicking on Controller Properties. Now move the right stick. Which axes do react on that movement and do they react properly (move as much left and right as you move the stick, return to center)?

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Re: Sabrent 12 button controller

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doesn't read up on detect, never mind. did a recal , now lets see if this can run with a emulator

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