Xpadder not working in Neverwinter

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Xpadder not working in Neverwinter

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I have just bought Xpadder to play Neverwinter. But as soon as I open up arc and try to play Neverwinter, the Rockstar Candy xbox 360 controller stops working instantly!?!?!? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I have it running just fine on my laptop (runs Windows 7) but I can't get it to run on my BF's laptop (runs Windows 8 ). I set the controller images and controller profile in the Xpadder for Neverwinter. Set Xpadder as admin, opened the game thru arc, I can initially pick the character with the controller but when the game loads its stops. Please help! Thank you in advance. :)

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Re: Xpadder not working in Neverwinter

Post by skudmissal »

I can't believe nobody replied. the solution is simple. You must run Xpadder as administrator. You can either right-click the Xpadder icon and select "Run as Administrator" every single time you open Xpadder, OR you can right click the Xpadder icon, select Properties, Compatibility Tab, check the box at the bottom "Run this program as an administrator." BAM! it will automatically set it to administrator on every boot.

NOTE: ONLY applies to the icon that you have set it to. Also, you must first switch to admin BEFORE putting the icon on the start bar for quick launch.

*exits stage right*

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