Assigning a button to a URL

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Assigning a button to a URL

Post by RattyPlaysGames »

A bit of a weird question.
I did do some searches first and I don't think this has been asked yet. I'm setting up a game profile for a browser game, just for fun. Most of the game play is through mouse clicks.
I thought it would be useful to assign a button to open up the game wiki page. I tried thinking of things like Ctr+V which won't work unless the data is already on the users clipboard, obviously.

I saw though in the advanced tutorial ( that you can assign a shortcut to a controller button. I was thinking I could create a shortcut for the URL on the desktop or something, but again if someone downloads it, it will only work if the user has that shortcut on their desktop too. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could achieve this?

Thaaaankyooooou ^_^

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Re: Assigning a button to a URL

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Assigning the media browser key would open the standard web browser. Then Ctrl+L or F6 would place the cursor into the address bar in Firefox, but I don't know if that also works that way in other browsers. Then this would be followed by a sequence that types the web address and Enter.
So if all browsers work in that matter like Firefox or if at least the different ways don't interfere with each other, that should be possible.

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;--- Xpadder Profile Data ---
Name=A to
Set1Button1Slots=TAP TIME 0.02s,Media Browser Home,PAUSE 0.20s,Left Control,L,PAUSE 0.02s,X,PAUSE 0.02s,P,PAUSE 0.02s,A,PAUSE 0.02s,D,PAUSE 0.02s,D,PAUSE 0.02s,E,PAUSE 0.02s,R,PAUSE 0.02s,Dot,PAUSE 0.02s,C,PAUSE 0.02s,O,PAUSE 0.02s,M,PAUSE 0.02s,Enter

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