Turbo Not working for FFX

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Turbo Not working for FFX

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Hey guys, been playing some FFX recently on PCSX2, awesome game.

I was wondering if there was a way I could auto-mate button presses, so for example using my Dualshock 4 I can just hold X but the game will think I'll constantly pressing it, useful for grinding and such, i'm sure you understand! Tried using the turbo funcion but it doesn't work for FFX ( still only counts as a single press )

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Re: Turbo Not working for FFX

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The turbo only "turbos" the Xpadder assignment, it doesn't change the function of the button itself if you use the controller directly with the game. For that you would need a turbo function directly on the controller (which the DS4 doesn't have).
If you should be using Xpadder's keyboard emulation, try making the turbo delay a bit longer than just 0.02s.

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