Opening program issue -solved

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Opening program issue -solved

Post by EvoWing »

I bought and downloaded Xpadder, but I cannot find the icon anywhere on my computer. I tried to redownload it but I got this message:

This program is already running from somewhere else

Running Location

Current Location

This program has been started from a different location and is still
running. Close that version first and then run this version again.

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Re: Opening program issue

Post by Primal Fear »

Well, there you have where you placed Xpadder and from where it already runs.

Your problem is that you didn't download the Xpadder.exe as "Save as" to define the location where you want to save it, but only as "Save" so the Internet Explorer would simply put it in it's download cache. Then you ran Xpadder through the Internet Explorer and blindly confirmed the following message.


Program Location

This program is only one file and does not need installing. You are
running it right now! To keep running from the current location click
"Start". To move the program to another location first click "Exit".
You already downloaded a new version of the Xpadder.exe, but again to the download cache, but you cannot start it because Xpadder is already running (through the Autostart setting, you have chosen to activate during initialization process).

First you need to close Xpadder in the notification area (click link for more information).
Then you have two options, either you open the this folder of the error message and move one of the Xpadder.exe's to a different folder or you download Xpadder again and choose this time "Save as".
Please make sure not to place Xpadder in the program files folder, as it won't be able to save it's config file then.

Additional note: Internet Explorer seems to clear files from the download cache folder every once in a while, so your Xpadder.exes there will really disappear at some point if you decide to leave them there. So if you choose to redownload Xpadder, you don't need to care for them anymore. Just make sure to start the now version once and to activate the Autostart setting again, so the Xpadder.exe in the downloads folder doesn't start all the time.

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