Multiple Bodnar BU0836X controller panels

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Multiple Bodnar BU0836X controller panels

Post by bofman »

Hi Jonathon, I posted this article to a sim forum, thought it might be of use here. thanks for the program.
(btw, my previous posts were username equityretic)

Well, after a couple of weeks of tweeking, I am happy to say that Xpadder in its latest version (pay V 2010.06.03) works well with multiple Bodnar controller panels. Although at this stage, I am only using two, I will now purchase more as my desk-pit grows.

I chose Xpadder because of its 16 controller input capacity and the fact that it is still in developement. Xpadder runs in the background before booting your sim and to my understanding, it does not hog recources. Perhaps somone can enlighten me a little on that matter.

I have some tips here that I hope will save new users a lot of time because from my personal point of view, the help files probably didn't take into account 'sim tragics' like us. Bear in mind that this software is in its developement stages so we can expect future updates to resolve some of its quirks. BTW, the pay version offers purchasers free updates so checking their website occassionaly would be a good idea.

User notes:

1. Create an Xpadder directory somewhere other than 'program files'. Create a desktop shortcut to the .exe file, then open Xpadder.

2. The user interface is divided into two main screens. The 'controller screen' and the 'profile screen'. The profile screen should be dragged and dropped so that both are visible. The default layout will obscure the controller screen when working with assignments in the profile screen.

3. In the settings window, controllers page, you should see a list of all your controllers. Arrange the list of controllers so that your Bodnars are at the top. My two showed as 'BU083X Inteface with one ID number and in the found column the number 2. I guess thats because the boards have the same ID but that's OK.

4. Whilst in the settings page, go to the Autoprofile section and make sure the 'activate' box at the top is left UNCHECKED. This is important whilst working within the program. I found several annoying crashes when I forgot to do so. Just remember to always CHECK that box after saving your profiles and closing Xpadder.

5. In the options settings, uncheck the 'auto open last used profiles' and check 'process non selected controllers'. Most of the other stuff is preferential.

6. When using the Bodnar boards/panels, you only save one 'controller file', even though you have several BU0836X panels. This is very unclear in the documentation. Mine is saved as 'My BU0836X Interface'

7. Click on the first tab at the top of the screen, click on the yellow highlighted section and a new window will open (the one you should drag if the original is beneath it).

Select the 'buttons' at bottom left of the window then press some buttons connected to your Bodnars to find out which panel you are working with. Even though you've done nothing yet, you now know which panel Xpadder is seeing, you can click OK to close that screen.

8. Now it's SAVE time. Click on the little icon on the far left of the yellow highlighted boxes and save your controller name eg. 'My BU0836X Interface'. Next click on the icon to the left of the other yellow highlighted line and save your profile name. The best choice here is to call it something you will easily distinguish eg. 'lighting panel'.

9. Click the second tab at the top of the window, open the same controller interface (My BU0836X Interface) hit some other buttons not associated with the first panel and repeat steps in item 8 above. Do that for all remaining panels and dont mess with the tabs that belong to other controllers such as Hotas etc. The controller's name appears at the top of the profiler window (pink screen).

10. You should now have saved a different file for all of your panels and one for the controller name. Go to the settings window, autoprofiler and set it up to load those profiles whenever you load your sim program. Leave the profiles <None> and <Ignore Default> alone.

11. Now CHECK the actvate box before closing down Xpadder. Get used to doing that. When you want to work within Xpadder, uncheck at the start, then check when closing. Close Xpadder, it will probably minimise (depending on your settings) so you may need to right click the icon to close it.

If you now look at your Xpadder directiory, it should contain the xpadder.exe file, xpadder.ini, one xpaddercontroller file and an xpadderprofile file for each of your Bodnar boards. You are now ready to start assigning functions to the various switches. That part is quite easy to work with, a little experimenting is sometimes required. Just remember that for toggle switches, you need to get into the advanced assignment window whereas momentary swiches just require the keystroke entry. Just ensure you match the profile tab to the profile panel you are working on.

I must say that I am pleased with Xpadder and it does work well within my fairly basic sim-desk. It has made my first attempt at a switch panel quite a rewarding experience and I have assigned functions for push button, toggle, rotary and pulse rotary switches. My electronics experience is pretty basic so the next step is to work with some rotary encoders. My only simulator interest is with jet fighters, specifically the F16 and Falcon 4 Allied Force. Every switch works in F4AF and it shouldn't be too long before I can fly 'mouse and keyboard' free.

My prototype switch panel


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Re: Multiple Bodnar BU0836X controller panels

Post by SGTCableDog »

That's a cool panel, I'm into flightsims but mostly civil aviation but do like to strap on a fighter on occasion. F14 being my favorite. I think I'll move this to the tutorials.

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Re: Multiple Bodnar BU0836X controller panels

Post by Reboot »

The only way to utilize all 32 buttons on your controller, is to have all buttons, on screen, all at the same time, one 'controller file' and one ‘Profile’, If you try to divide up a controller with multiple profiles then all that will happen is the first profile on the autoprofiler list will be loaded.

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Re: Multiple Bodnar BU0836X controller panels

Post by jwilson56 »

Actually after days of playing around I found that you could get Autoprofiler to load up multiple controller profiles. Just add them in the order of the Tabs and use the same EXE to trigger on. Don't skip any tabs (make empty profiles if needed). I have 7 controllers including a Thrustmaster Warthog set, Saitek Pedals, BU0836X and a GP Wiz40. So for every sim I have it load all seven profiles (named XXX-stick, XXX-throttle ect). The other choice is to use Joytokey as it has all the controller stored for each profile (a much better way). However JoytoKey does not handle toggle type switches well. Xpadder allows you to send a single key press when the switch is thrown. JoytoKey sends them like the button is being held you get a stream.

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