Problem using 2 controllers.

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Problem using 2 controllers.

Post by biggislims »

Hi I have two Logitech F310's that I'm using with Zsnes and I'm having a bit of a problem. Both controllers are recognized by Xpadder, but each one controls both players. For instance I downloaded Street Fighter Alpha 2 and put the match time to infinity so that I'd have unlimited testing time. When I use either controller, after setting up each in Xpadder, both characters move, jump, and attack when I press the corresponding button. Though it does treat the second player like I'm playing backwards. Even in the character selection screen each controller will move both "selection boxes" amongst the selectable characters.

I've messed with all the options I can figure out within the emulator itself, but none have worked. Though I can make it so that the second controller isn't recognized at all.

Looking at your forums I see that lots of people have had problems with multiple controllers being used, but I also see that some people are able to use even more than two.

Any help would be awesome, and if you need any more info just let me know.

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Re: Problem using 2 controllers.

Post by Jonathan »

Maybe Xpadder is controlling player 1 and the emulator is reading the controller for player 2?

Trying closing Xpadder completely from the tray area

Now try playing the game with the controller and see what happens.

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Re: Problem using 2 controllers.

Post by neva4237 »

I've had this same problem. Let me know if you find an answer. I am trying to play COntra III on SNES and both controllers manipulate one character only...

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Re: Problem using 2 controllers.

Post by Primal Fear »

Most likely the problem should be that this SNES emulator gets also input from the controller directly. Like Jonathan already said.

Try to use your controllers with the emulator with no profile loaded or with having Xpadder not running. If they still work, this is the case. Then you have to look for an option to disable the controllers in this emulator if you want to use Xpadder for both controllers.

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