Problem assigning 2 controllers

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Problem assigning 2 controllers

Post by jeffsdavis »

Hi, i race in iracing and i'm trying to setup 2 controllers i can use at the same time. I have a G27 wheel with buttons on it and a separate button, i setup both controllers and create both profiles but a couple of the buttons from the wheel and button box will say for example button 7 and then the command i assign to the button box will be given to the wheel instead and taken off the button box. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

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Re: Problem assigning 2 controllers

Post by Jonathan »

Some questions:

1) You have 2 controllers - one is the G27 wheel. What exactly is the other one and is it connected to the wheel in any way?
2) Do you see two tabs in the top left of the main Xpadder window (is Xpadder seeing 2 controllers)

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