4 "USB GamePad" devices

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4 "USB GamePad" devices

Post by akelly305 »

I have a mayflash nintendo 64 usb adapter(2 ports) and a mayflash snes usb adapter(2 ports) both are plugged into the pc. The pc shows a total of 4 "USB GamePad"'s. The two mayflash devices are plug in play. I couldn't find a single working 64 bit driver for them out there. The devices work fine but the problem is in xpadder. Xpadder treats them all as the same controller even though they aren't. Also in xpadder only one works at a time. Ive found it's the one that got loaded up first in windows. So I can't have a snes layout and a nintendo 64 layout at the same working. Here is a screenshot i took to show you what it looks like in xpadder controller settings http://gyazo.com/f06bf331d48605cde25d7c2b1c00943f I think the main problem is that they are named the same thing. I found out in windows registry how to rename the generic gamepad but it renames all the controllers the same thing as you see in the screenshot. Fix for this could be a 64 bit generic game pad driver if anyone has one or maybe xpadder has a way around this I don't know of.

Btw it shows 4 of the same gamepads cause it shows a gamepad for each port on the adapters. Both adapters have 2 ports each so 4 total. Also I have a logitech rumblepad 2(works fine) and a TigerGame XBOX+PS2+GC Game Controller Adapter that i use for a gamecube controller. I think this device has a built in driver installs or something cause windows has a unique name for the device and cause of this I was able to setup the gamecube controller just fine in xpadder. I really wish the mayflash devices had their own built in drivers as well for this same reason.

Link to the n64 adapter http://www.amazon.com/May-Flash-Control ... B002B9FIUU

Link to the snes adapter http://www.amazon.com/SNES-Controller-A ... B002IXZ5DE

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Re: 4 "USB GamePad" devices

Post by Alpenjodler »

Hi, yes I've got them too and they are just awful!

It's the converter's fault, they appear with exactly the same id in windows so even if you rename it in the registry, you rename all four devices.
They also have Gamecube and Saturn adapters that also appear as "USB GamePad" but they can be renamed correctly and distinguished in xpadder.

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Re: 4 "USB GamePad" devices

Post by Lomax »

I've got the same problem. I've got a May Flash SNES Controller Adapter. It connects via USB to my PC. It then allows connection of 2 SNES controllers. Unfortunately, the controllers both appear to have the same "ID" in windows (0E8F:3013), so it is impossible for software to tell the difference between pad 1 and 2.

Any solution for this?

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