I need more keys on my keyboard...

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I need more keys on my keyboard...

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I'm working on getting 10 controllers working at the same time on Bomberman for Sega Saturn...

Setup: 3 Xbox 360 Wireless receivers with 10 total xbox 360 controllers.

Right now I can get up to 6 working at the same time.

The problems:
When connecting more than 4 Xbox 360 controllers the program repeats the same controller input signature #. For instance, Up for controller 1 is the same up for controller 5. It goes in pairs of 4.

Map keyboard keys in Xpadder to the XB360 controllers and then bind the keys to the program. Xpadder recognizes controller 1 and 5 as unique controllers (Although you don't get the light number on the controller)


In order to map out that many keys I've had to get creative with the mapping on the keyboard... and frankly I've run out of keys. To achieve the objective of 10, I would either need to buy all new wireless controllers with unique signatures OR find a way to have more keyboard inputs that would work in the emulator. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this happen?

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