Hyperspin and differnet Emulators / Controller Setup

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Hyperspin and differnet Emulators / Controller Setup

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I bought Xpadder because my Xin-Mo USB Joystick & Button Dual controller is not working well with the "wheel" function in Hyperspin. With XPadder the wheel is working as intended. Btw. there is no image for the controller or I was not able to find it: http://www.xin-mo.com/?page_id=34

But here is my general question:

I set up the keys in XPadder to work with Hyperspin without any keyboard action. Everything is controlled in Hyperspin via Joystick or buttons.

But is there a way to disable XPadder after launching an Emulator from Hyperspin so that I use the plain USB controller functions? Because my controller with the joysticks and the buttons works perfect in the different emulators like MAME and I don't want to have a "keyboard simulation" of my controllers within the emulators.


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Re: Hyperspin and differnet Emulators / Controller Setup

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The keymapper functions of hyperlaunch should help give you what you want, essentially loading a blank profile with whichever emulator you choose. Read https://sites.google.com/site/hyperlaun ... /keymapper . Hyperlaunch will manage profiles for all the emulators if you want it to.

Alternatively you could use xpadder's autoprofile functionality to load a blank profile when your emulator is launched. Though MAME specifically won't read fake inputs anyway.

I use this board as well but as far as finding an image to use in xpadder... it's only a board... I would take a photo of your Control Panel Overlay and work with that. 512x256 bmp.

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