Huge Request For Jonathan

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Huge Request For Jonathan

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Is it possible for the next version of Xpadder to have 2 different controllers run on the same profile? The reason for the big ask?

To help the systems that use command line. I have written batch files that call up Xpadder and then load Player 1, Player 2 profiles. This works great if I use two Xbox controllers every time. But sometimes the feel of the original controller is needed. When I plug in a Super Nintendo controller, select the game, the batch file does it's thing, Xpadder finds it and loads up just fine. But obviously the buttons are wrong. I have tried to sort this out and cannot. I have rewritten my batch files to trick Xpadder. I have tried using Joy2Key for some buttons and Xpadder for others. Nothing seems to work.

It would be fantastic if that could become a feature! My friends and flat mates like to play the emulators through big picture mode they can navigate to the game and just hit play. But when they plug in a classic controller they yell for me to come and sort it out!

Is there a way to call a specific controller to load with a specific profile from the command line? Is this currently possible? Is there a switch for that? I'm not talking about the profile part but the actual controller device. Call a xbox controller device, or a super nintendo device from the command line.

I would be so thankful for the ability to start Xpadder from the command line, specify a super nintendo classic controller, specify a profile to load to it. If Xpadder doesn't find the super nintendo classic controller it won't load the profile specified and will move on to the next specified controller and the next specified profile if it is found.

Thank you Jonathan for a great piece of software! It is because of your efforts I can enjoy hours of classic games. Keep up the good work!

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