360 Controller and Razor Nostromo Conflicting

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360 Controller and Razor Nostromo Conflicting

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When I have my Razor Nostromo Keypad plugged in and try to use Xpadder, Xpadder keeps using the Nostromo as the controller and will not let me use the 360 controller.
I have tried to hide it/delete it with no joy, if the Nostromo is plugged in it always comes up as being the controller.

Any ideas how to fix this?



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Re: 360 Controller and Razor Nostromo Conflicting

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Xpadder should find both, the Nostromo and the Xbox360pad. Every controller should get a tab in the upper area of the Xpadder main window (like in your browser) and you can select the controller you want to configure by clicking on it's tab. If a controller image is loaded for the controller, the respective tab will show this image. Otherwise it's just blank.

As you seem to have already found out, you can hide controllers you don't want to use in Xpadders setting in the section "Controllers". To do that select the controller in the list and click on the "Hide" button. If you now close and restart Xpadder, this controller shouldn't turn up anymore.

If this is not the case, then Xpadder couldn't save it config file. Check that you didn't place the Xpadder.exe in a program files folder and that the folder that contains the Xpadder.exe isn't write protected.

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