Playing with 2 controllers.

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Playing with 2 controllers.

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Hi! as I understand from a QA, you can use more than one controller with xpadder:
"Can Xpadder handle more than one controller at the same time?
Xpadder can handle 16 controllers at the same time.
They can all have their own key assignments so you can have multiplayer gaming without all crowding round the keyboard.
They can either all be different controllers, all be the same controller or some the same and some different!"

I am trying to play Blazblue on steam and you can play 2 people, however when I set up a qanba q1 and a ps4 controller in xpadder the game still see them as the same keyboard, anyway to make it think they are different? So that it sees them as 2 different controllers.

Thanks! :?:

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Re: Playing with 2 controllers.

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If a game has this really rare feature to utilize different keyboard&mouse combos as different input devices, it is using their raw input directly from the driver. As Xpadder isn't a hardware device it doesn't have a driver, so it isn't compatible with this input method.
What you need to do is assigning different keys for each player and to bind them in the game that way too, as if for example one player would use WASD while the other player uses the numpad on the same keyboard.

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