Identical controllers in multi-player.

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Identical controllers in multi-player.

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Some of the other threads cover this topic pretty well, but it could help people who are quickly trying to play a multi-player game with two identical controllers. Below is the conversation log:

I recently bought XPadder, and I'm loving it! For the most part, I can map controls in a minute and be gaming right away. Today, I did find a problem, however, and I don't know if the program can handle this. I'm trying to play a game on multiplayer, with two of the same models of sticks. When I edit the controls for one pad, the other pad adopts the controls as well. Is there a way to tell XPadder that although I have two units of the same controller, I want different controls for the different pads? In other words, I don't want both pads controlling the same character.

Similar controllers will share the physical layout (where each stick and button is etc) but they should both have their own different assignments so you can play multiplayer.
I recommend guest-posting this question in the Help forum (no registration needed). This way the advice will help others in the future with the same problem.

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Re: Identical controllers in multi-player.

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Here is a screenshot of Xpadder with a single pad:


The text in the top-left is the name of the controller file (location of the sticks and the image data).
The text in the top-right is the profile (the keys and mouse actions assigned to each button).

If you have two or more identical controllers connected then you will have two small images of it in the top-left.
Clicking each will select it in the main display.
The controller name should be the same.

Try assigning the letter X to one of the buttons on controller 1.
Now assign the letter Y to one of the buttons on controller 2.

Open Notepad and press those buttons on the controllers to confirm that each presses their own key.

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