Mouse movement + Right click modifier?

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Mouse movement + Right click modifier?

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If any of you have ever played an MMO you'll know that holding right click while moving your mouse lets you turn left or right. Well how can I do this with XPadder with only using my bottom right Joystick? I don't want to hold R1 or L1 or w/e to simulate a right click. I want it to be like using a LShift modifier, but for right click.

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Re: Mouse movement + Right click modifier?

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First click on one of the directions of the stick to open the Assignment window.


Now click on the Advanced button on the bottom to open the Advanced assignment window.


You'll notice only the mouse movements slot. Click the right mouse button icon in the first Assignment window to add the right click slot. Close the windows and repeat for the other direction. The order of the slots is not important.

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