Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

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Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by AxjZOne »

First things first, I'd like to apologize if this issue has been solved / discussed in the near past and I missed it, but before buying xpadder just a few hours ago, I couldn't look at every thread in the forums. Of course I found nothing that really gave me the information I need.

Currently, I'm trying to come as close as possible to the gamepad controls of the Xbox 360 with games on my pc, and I have quite a lot profiles for different games, and it's already working out well. But still, I need a certain information to perfect the profiles, so I can play even better with a gamepad.

If you assign mouse control to a stick, and click on mouse settings, it should show the curve / graph on how the mouse moves with a certain amount of push done on the stick.
The thing is: To come close to the feeling of playing on an Xbox, I need to edit that curve. As I said, I didn't find any ways to do that (even no threads explaining how), except for drastically lowering the sensitivity in the game itself and adjusting the settings in xpadder, even though that didn't work either.

So the question is: How do I edit the curve? And If that's possible, can I also assign the mouse differently, let's say, instead of moving the mouse to the push of the stick accordingly, I want it to just slowly start moving the mouse in the direction I want it to move and increasing the speed the longer I hold it. Basically the same controls just like on a console.

The different profiles on the profiles board didn't help me that much, especially because most of them don't work like this / work just like I have it at the moment, which doesn't help much...

Any help is much appreciated!


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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by Jonathan »

It is currently not possible to edit the curve but it has been suggested many times...

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by oliver.reidsmith »

Is it possible yet to edit the mouse emulation curve? I would prefer a slightly more linear relationship.

This seems like a fairly major major missing feature to me. It's basically going to be impossible for me to get a nice 'feel' to 1st / 3rd person games without access to this curve.

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by Jonathan »

Not yet. It's one of the more complex features to add while maintaining backwards-compatibility.

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by pier4r »

Jonathan wrote:Not yet. It's one of the more complex features to add while maintaining backwards-compatibility.
As a (newbie) developer, could you explain why?

I think that, to maintain the backwards retrocompatibility, a raw but pratical solution can be, for example:
- new xpadder with new features that aren't in previus xpadder use profiles with extension xpadderprofile_vX ;
- an old profile is correctly read by the new xpadder that will save a new profile with the new extension (thus adding the default settings for the new features);
- to switch back from a profile with extension xpadderprofile_vX to a profile with extension xpadderprofile_v(X-j) an user should use another program (standalone) that recognize the settings compatible with the xpadder versions that use extensions of the type xpadderprofile_v(X-j) and then port these in a new profile with that extension.

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by solidox2k »

This is the question I cam on here looking for... I hope this feature gets added in the near future. It's one of the main reasons I didn't use xpadder for such a long time, instead choosing the cumbersome joy2mouse3 (which supports incremental mouse movement, but missing too many features compared to Xpadder).


Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by braxtron »

without this feature, aiming behaves like complete garbage in all games. this program is completely useless without decent control of the mouse via the right stick. i can't believe you don't figure out how broken this stupid program is until you pay $10 for it.

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by kilvoctu »

Oh, I see this issue is already documented.

I recently purchased this program as an alternative to other input mapping programs, and it's performed satisfactorily save for this feature.
Fortunately, like a normal person, I don't play FPS' on my PC so editing the curve isn't critical, but it's very cumbersome as a function of operating in-game cameras.
It was pretty disappointing that there is a curve at all instead of simply being linear. I hope you're still actively trying to resolve this, as it's been ~1.5 years since the opening post (and I don't know how much longer prior that it's been requested).

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by skudmissal »

i too am having the exact same problem as fine aiming in first-person shooters is near impossible. Pleeease fix this, jon! :( i believe primal fear came up with a temporary solution with pauses and distances for WASD. still trying to get ahold of him to figure that one out. OR if there could be a button assignment similar to the set assignments that will trigger a slower dpi. instead of switching to a new set when pressed or held, it switches to a different custom mouse setting... i may be able to do just that with a seperate set, right? so that everytime i hold the aim button, it will switch to set 2 which has a much lower sensitivity for fine aiming. I'll try that and update.
That actually works pretty well. i have only tested in the shooting range, but it is a vast improvement. Set 1 mouse setting is 40. Set 2 mouse setting is 8, triggered while aim button is held. i will test in game and give another update? :noob:
Works pretty well in game. adjust the sensitivity to your liking and have at it. the only problem i really have is that because of this set up, i cannot speed up aiming for running enemies. letting off the aim button for a brief second helps with this. just a bit of getting used to. my end settings were 38> as highest and 10 as lowest sensitivities. to each their own. i hope this temporary work around helps you guys! I will provide a profile for the controller layout that i used it in.

Code: Select all

;--- Xpadder Profile Data ---
Name=Phantoms X360
Set1Button4Slots=Mouse Wheel Down
Set1Button6Slots=Left Control
Set1Button9Slots=Left Shift
Set1Button10Slots=Middle Mouse Button (3)
Set1DPadLeftName=Fire Rate
Set1DPadLeftSlots=Page Down
Set1Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up
Set1Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right
Set1Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down
Set1Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left
Set1TriggerLeftSlots=Right Mouse Button (2)
Set1TriggerRightSlots=Left Mouse Button (1)
Set2Button4Slots=Mouse Wheel Down
Set2Button6Slots=Left Control
Set2Button9Slots=Left Shift
Set2Button10Slots=Middle Mouse Button (3)
Set2DPadLeftSlots=Page Down
Set2Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up
Set2Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right
Set2Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down
Set2Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left
Set2TriggerLeftSlots=Right Mouse Button (2)
Set2TriggerRightSlots=Left Mouse Button (1)

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by Primal Fear »

skudmissal wrote:That actually works pretty well. i have only tested in the shooting range, but it is a vast improvement. Set 1 mouse setting is 40. Set 2 mouse setting is 8, triggered while aim button is held. i will test in game and give another update? :noob:
Nothing new actually, we've been doing that for years. ;)

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by gailedon »

My issue seems to be a little different. I have a neuro-muscular pain disorder. More movement=More Pain. I play games to distract myself from the pain and need to minimize the impact it has on me.

Ideally, I would like to utilize just the first 40% of the stick deflection. With all non-xpadder mouse speeds turned all the way up and x-padder at default, I'm waiting too many seconds for the cursor to cross the screen. I'd like to keep the first 10% just the way it is, but I can't wait until after 50% for the speed to make a serious jump. If I turn up mouse emulation speed to something like what I want, then it's off to the moon if I go even slightly too far.

I would encourage you to work on the mouse emulation curve even if it requires you to develop Xpadder 2, requiring a new purchase without backwards compatibility. My only request would be to keep the cost down for those of us who really need the upgrade, but must rely upon the generosity of others.

Actually what might work the best for me personally would be a mode where the cursor returns to the center of the screen when in neutral and movement was mapped directly onto the screen, with the excess circle bit staying to the edge of the screen until movement comes back into the mapped square. And then an option to put the screen edges at the 50% mark. Or, a change to the controllers themselves requiring less thumb movement.

Regardless, Xpadder has improved my quality of life by returning games to me that I haven't been able to play for quite some time. I have been using it everyday. Toggle and Turbo are becoming my best friends! I may name animals or character after them. :ugeek: Thank you for all your hard work!

A tip for others who experience pain, the ps4 controller is very well designed with the exception that it's a bit heavier. In particular, the sticks move well, it fits better in my hands than any other controller, is a little wider and therefore slightly closer to body neutral, and the buttons take almost no effort to depress without going off on accident. I found that I can play games on it that I could not play with the Steel Series controller that was purchased for me to use with pc games.

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Re: Edit the Mouse-Emulation curve

Post by corpxlord »

this is BS
does the dev ever come here to make an official statement or directly address key issues with his software?


then dont waste your time begging him
there is absolutely no reason why he cant just post here regularly and talk to you people like a normal human being would

anyway, if any of you are unsatisfied just make a claim with your credit card company and get yourself refunded
i dont know where this dev is from, but taking peoples money for an unsatisfactory product is borderline criminal, and he should be offering you a refund on good merit anyway

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