Camera glitch in Mass Effect

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Camera glitch in Mass Effect

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Hello all. I was wondering whether anyone could help with a strange glitch I've noticed.

I'm playing the original Mass Effect with an Xbox 360 controller, and I've got the controls mapped as closely as possible to the Xbox controls.

The problem is, when I press both sticks LEFT (mapped to A and mouse move left) or both of them DOWN (mapped to S and mouse move down) at the same time, trying to move and look around simutaneously, the camera goes haywire.

The problem doesn't occur when using the mouse or keyboard instead of either of the sticks, or when pressing the sticks in any other combination of directions - it has to be left stick down and right stick down, or left stick left and right stick left. Unfortunately it means that sometimes at critical moments in combat I start spinning around like a lunatic - not helpful.

Anyone have any idea what's going on, and how to solve it?

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Re: Camera glitch in Mass Effect

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We know that problem. It's a bug of the game, probably they didn't remove the controller support correctly.
You can fix that by placing a specific .dll into the installation folder of the game. More infos here under section 4.

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