Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard

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Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard

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Hey All

First time poster so bare with me.
Just wondering if it would be possible to configure Xpadder to work with the Rock Band 3 wireless keyboard?
It detects just fine but all the keys seem to be variations on positions of the sticks as far as I can deduce and xpadder registers them as being to close together to make seperate directions etc. Although I might be totally wrong on that one. Unfortunatley I can't work out how to bind keys to specific keyboard commands as every key comes up as the same input.

Hope you can help :)


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Re: Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard

Post by SGTCableDog »

I bought one this weekend but I'm currently working away from home. But of course I tried using it with Xpadder before leaving and found the same as you. The Dpad and buttons 1-4 and 7,8 works. The "touchpad" and starpower button isn't recognized. The keys appear to use the X and Z axis' (if I remember correctly) to show position in a binary fashion while using the Y axis shows the "velocity" or how hard you press the keys. I'll report back if I discover anything new.

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