programming thumbsticks

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programming thumbsticks

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I'm not sure what the assignments actually mean in "real life."

I tried programming my thumbsticks to be arrow keys, but you have to bump them in the direction each time.

Then I tried the arrows with the wheel looking diagrams, but it was wrong too.

what I want is a thumbstick that will move in one of the eight directions as long as I have them in that direction. Say you are in a maze, if I push the thumbstick to the left to go left, the arrow key makes one step to the left. If I use the arrow with wheel diagram it moves 3 steps left OR totally to left.

So I need a slower to the left and more than one step.

How do I assign it, please?

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Re: programming thumbsticks

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The wheel looking keys are the mouse scroll wheel.

If you need the sticks to send just a single arrow press each time the stick is moved in a direction then you'll need to add a pause in the Advanced assignment window.


You open the advanced assignment window by clicking "Advanced" button on the bottom right of the assignment window (with the on-screen keyboard).

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