Always-on-top, Nearly Tranparent, Key Reference

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Always-on-top, Nearly Tranparent, Key Reference

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I Love this program!! You saved my life, or ended it depending on how you look at it.

I am disabled. I am coming apart at the seams. I lost almost all manual dexterity several years ago. As a result, using a keyboard is tricky. I need to use a board with HUGE keys and the keys need to be spread out. So the classic wasd style doesn't work any more. I found a modded 360 gamepad that was wide enough to use, and it made games enjoyable again. But alas, not all developers give us gamepad support. Meaning I can't really enjoy the game, so I don't play. This program has reopened that door. Kudos.

In most games I need to set multiple pages of input (1 for walking around, a couple for combat, etc). That is simple enough, but during the game I find myself switching to the wrong page (mostly during combat) and using the wrong command. I was thinking that a key-reference in the bottom corner (or wherever) would be EXTREMELY helpful. It could highlight the active keys, pretty much just the way the program does. I have also noticed that almost all my games have a 'borderless window' mode. It seems that what I want is to have a 'always on top' and a 'borderless' option so that I could see the program window during the game. If there is a way to do this, even using a 'helper' program, I could not find it. If some such thing exists, could someone let me know?

Please move this post to wherever it belongs. I thinks it goes here but I am not 100%.

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Re: Always-on-top, Nearly Tranparent, Key Reference

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My apologies for replying so late. I'll reply anyway in case your still looking for a solution or for others seeking similar information.

To keep Xpadder visible while using another application, there are a few options available.

If you have a spare monitor available you can run the application full screen and keep Xpadder on the 2nd screen. This is how I typically use Xpadder.

Your computer may already have this feature. Some graphics drivers offer an always-on-top or overlay option.

If you require an additional tool;
I found this Always on top utility to be compatible with my machine running windows 7 x64.
Based on autohotkey, It binds the topping script to Ctrl+Space, when triggered, It will fix the current window in focus to stay always-on-top.
To disable always-on-top, switch focus to the topped window and press Ctrl+Space.

To keep xpadder as minimal as possible I've made the Top This Controller Theme to compress the button layout of a typical gamepad.
With this theme you can slide Xpadder to the edge of the screen so that only the buttons are visible in a position where it obstructs the application window the least.

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