Pullin my hair out already!!!!!

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Pullin my hair out already!!!!!

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Watched tons of youtube tutorials, Read tons of posts on this forum, Paid the $10 for xpadder, setup wireless xbox 360 controller, created profile, launched payday 2 game through steam from taskbar, Opens up and game responds to controller presses to advance to the main menu BUT....
once im on the main menu it STOPS responding to the controller. Only the keyboard.

Funny thing though is that it works when I open up NOTEPAD

Ive tried running as administrator, running in windows xp sp3 mode etc. Not working

Im using windows 8.1 64bit by the way. Once I close out xpadder, the game works fine with the xbox controller. But unfortunately has no way of changing the button configs in game.
This is freaking annoying coz all I want to do is toggle my LB for LT & my RB for RT.....That it!!!! Otherwise the game works fine without xpadder. I am just used to playing payday 2 on the ps3 and I want my aim to shoot and fire buttons for LB & RB.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Pullin my hair out already!!!!!

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answered here

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