XPAdder Priority

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XPAdder Priority

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This isn't a problem - I'm simply asking for an explanation.

It seems that there is a hierachy with respect to XPAdder and its relative importance to the Windows system. Some programs stop working when XPAdder is in operation, and the only means of navigating that applications options is to use a mouse.

For example,with the User Account Control enabled, when I try to launch a program that the UAC wants to object to it launches a popup asking whether the program should run. Unfortunately this UAC popup stops XPAdder operation so I can't respond to give permission unless I use the mouse.

I don't understand how this hierarchy works so I can't elevate its ability to overcome this roadblock. Can this heirarchy be explained?

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Re: XPAdder Priority

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My answer to your previous post also applies to this one :D

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