Should i buy this? honest review

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Should i buy this? honest review

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Ok so most people reading this will have tried something like {an alternitive} and been disapointed. and there thinking, should i buy this program? Well thats what im here to tell you.

In a sentence. Xpadder is a slightly more advanced version of {the alternative} with a nice interface and a "click the key u want" binding

But if that doesnt convince you

What does xpadder have that {the alternative} doesn't?

-It has a full-time specailist ironing out bugs and making sure everything is dandy
-The interface it uses makes it easier to visualise what does what, and it is much quicker to bind
-Profiles can be shared/discussed so that controls are the best they can be
-rumble, triggers and guide button support

bonus: you help jonathon (the developer) out

And also it is worth mentioning, When using {the alternative} it only seems to support one joystick, this of course supports two actually 16

Is it worth the money

If your serious about using a gamepad (and dont just want to mess around for a few hours then stop) then yes
If your a teen like me who treasures every fiver with his life. I think you will feel that it is money well spent, and if you add a sexy background (you can!) it is great fun to make profiles for all your app's
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