Nice one, loving xpadder

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Nice one, loving xpadder

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Just purchased it last night as i got a 360 pad for my pc and was gutted a number of my games don't support it (MW2/BC2 and a few others - i mean really, they are on the 360 for god sake! yet don't have 360 pad support on PC :x ).

I heard about this app when doing a google for BC2 360 pad settngs and after watching the youtube video i decided to purchase it, (only £5.99 or a pack of smokes for me :D ), i wasn't sure about it as frankly the interface doesn't look that good BUT i'm very pleased with it's functionality which is most important.

I just downloaded the MW2 profile and it's like playing it on the 360 once again (i used to have one) and the BC2 profile i downloaded isn't to bad (has a crouch issue that's appartanly a limitation on the current xpadder - but i can put up with it).

Nice one xpadder, i can now chill out on my sofa playing my games with a 360 pad without pulling my hair out (i aint got much left :oops: ), £5.99 well spent.

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Re: Nice one, loving xpadder

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StonerPimp wrote:only £5.99 or a pack of smokes for me
New feature, Xpadder can help improve your health. :lol:

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