settings keep getting erased

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settings keep getting erased

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Title is self-explanatory. Usually, the program works good. Whenever I want to play my game, I plug in the controller and everything works. As long as I play every single day, that is. If I don't play for a couple days, then all of a sudden, all my settings are erased and I have to re-input every manually. Is there any way to prevent this?

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Re: settings keep getting erased

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If you have placed the Xpadder.exe under "Porgram Files", because of Windows UAC you would need to run Xpadder always as admin that Xpadder can save it's config file there. It's better to place the Xpadder.exe somewhere else, for example under my documents.

Another Possibility is that you are not closing XPadderproperly, via the Task Manger or a forced system shutdown while Xpadder is still asking if you want to save unsaved changes in profiles or controller layouts.

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