Xpadder profile losing settings

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Xpadder profile losing settings

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I have no problems programming xpadder to do all of the functions I need for iRacing. I program the macros, save the profile, and everything works fine. Until I turn off or restart my computer. This causes xpadder to lose about half of the saved macros. It also moves some of the macros from one controller to another. Any ideas what may be causing this. I cant continue to reprogram everything every time i shut down. Thanks for your help!

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Re: Xpadder profile losing settings

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I cannot imagine how a saved profiles could change or loose data or possibly mix up with another profile, only because of restarting the PC.
Could it be that you have saved your profile(s) sometimes while creating it/them, but forgot to save at the end?
Did you use different file names (or different folders, if you want to use the same file name) for each profile?

Also, do you have more than on controller of the same type? In this case it would be possible that the controller get another order after restarting your PC, so Xpadder loads the wrong profiles for them (implied that the setting "AutoOpen last used profile" is activated). But it still wouldn't mean to loose any data.

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