Lost Configs

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Lost Configs

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I have set up my controller twice now. Saved the profile and config. And poof I'll open xpadder on day and everything is gone. :x Does anyone know what is going on?

On the up side I'm getting pretty good at setting up my remote. :geek:



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Re: Lost Configs

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If you run Xpadder from your program files folder without administrator rights, Xpadder cannot it's save it's config file. Run it from any different folder (except C:\Windows :lol:), for example "My Documents". Alternatively you can also start Xpadder always with admin privileges.

The controller layout and profiles shouldn't be affected by that, the only problem it that Xpadder doesn't remember them (so it doesn't load the controller layout automatically, doesn't know about recently used profiles) but you can still load them manually if you know where you have saved them.

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