set selector from mouse

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set selector from mouse

Post by rossharris121 »

I want to have more than one set on my gamepad activated by holding down a button on my mouse.

I have a steelseries black ops 2 mouse and it has buttons on the left and right side that would be great for adding sets to my d-pad gamepad.

My game pad is a steelseries 3gc. it is really light and has a very nice d-pad on the left hand side of the game pad.
I simply hold the steel series game pad in my left hand and use the d-pad, left bumber, and left trigger and the mouse in my right hand during gameplay.

I need to expand the usage however of my gamepad. I want I think just one more set on the gamepad.

right now the gamepad is limited to two buttons during gameplay. If I create one more set the left trigger and left bumper can each be assigned another button making things more balanced.

So question is. How would I make a program or do something already available that would let my change/select sets during gameplay via my mouse buttons?

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Re: set selector from mouse

Post by rockeumel »

I don't believe xpadder is able to receive inputs from other devices.

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Re: set selector from mouse

Post by Primal Fear »

Yes, you can only change the set with buttons and stick direction of the respective controller.

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