More than 8 sets?

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More than 8 sets?

Post by adaweawe »

Why isn't this implemented already? Why do we have the 8 set limit?

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Re: More than 8 sets?

Post by H3ath3n »

Sorry to necro an old post but I too could really benefit from more than 8 sets.

Would it be possible to just start out with one by default and implement an "Add Another Set" menu button??
This way the user can choose how many sets he wants per profile.
Then possibly set the limit to something high but not out of this world. Perhaps 20max?? Of course I would probably only use 10 at the most per profile but in reality I could make switches indefinitely to a limitless set range. ....Though I'd probably never find a use for more than 20 realistically but a little wiggle room is always nice.

You could then have the manual Set selection buttons placed in an expanding drop down menu OR auto resize the manual set selection buttons so more than 8 or even 20 would fit on the bottom of the window.(resize like how Windows task bar or IE does with program and page tabs)
In all honesty, I only use those set buttons when I'm setting up my profile. So I think an expanding drop down menu would probably suffice.

I hope you consider this in a future update. As I do love this app and hope that it never gets neglected or abandoned to improvements in the future. However, I would understand if not. After all, I'm sure you intended this as a "side project" and not a life long career to just maintain Xpadder until you're 105yo and in diapers :lol:

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Re: More than 8 sets?

Post by Alpenjodler »

I also need more than 8 sets. I currently have profile 1-5, one toggled profile for "Esc", now I need 3 more for Touhou (single player, player 1, player 2). Now I could have different profiles for the weird emulators but I really don't want to do that. I will also have to add two more for the insanely annoying ssf emulator which is very picky about the allowed keys (preventing me from adding more than 2 players on keyboard -.-)

An easier way to switch those profiles would also be very welcome. Like control+alt left-right selects the pad and ctrl+alt up-down selects the set. I'm considering adding a small touch screen so I can change the sets while Hyperspin is on fullscreen but I'd really like a cheaper solution.

I'm also for dropdown select boxes instead of those buttons. If you have ~16 pads connected, the icons turn too small and it's not easy at all to distinguish the devices

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Re: More than 8 sets?

Post by Primal Fear »

If you place a shortcut to a profile on the desktop or into the start menu (in a own sub folder) and then right click it->Properties->Shortcut (tab) and then bind a shortcut key (it's important to do that in that order, as moving the shortcut after binding the shortcut key would break this function), you can open this profile for the currently selected controller by assigning this key combination in Xpadder to a controller function.
If you should have more than one controller, you can load profiles for all controller via a shortcut to Xpadder using the command line options. You have to type the profile paths in quotation mark glyphs (") behind the target of the shortcut to Xpadder.

That would like that:
"D:\Xpadder\Xpadder.exe" "D:\Xpadder\Profiles\Profile1" "D:\Xpadder\Profiles\Profile2" "D:\Xpadder\Profiles\Profile3"

Note that if you would use the AutoProfile feature, loading a profile manually would disable it. Loading the default profile via a shortcut would enable it again.

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