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multiple click

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Hi I am using XBMC to launch emulators however i am getting multiple launches even if i press fairly quickly is there a way to send one click or keypress ONLY when you press the controller button. Also the d-pad is superfast in XBMC any way to slow it down?



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Re: multiple click

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That depends on if you use the the native controller support of XBMC or a Xpadder profile.
Xpadder is not made to alter the controller input of the Xbox360pad, so you have to use a profile to do anything about that.

You can avoid the multiple key presses in two different ways in the Advanced Assignment window. Either you make a Sequence out of your assignment by placing a pause behind it or you reduce the time the assignment being pressing pressed by placing a Hold Zone with a duration of 0.10s or lower behind it.

As for the Dpad, you can assign the turbo function (also to find in the Advanced Assignment window) to the Dpad directions an then adjust the turbo delay to your likings.

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