Automatically Hold a Button ?!

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Automatically Hold a Button ?!

Post by StrickBike »

There is a simple function but i think Xpadder don't do it. I need the following :
i Press Square button in the Jostick this will do : press S -> press D (AND HOLD IT AUTOMATICALLY) -> press I (when I is performed the D key is still hold automatically by Xpadder).

Is it possible ? I need it for Street Fighter 4 : you have to press two botton, then hold the last one while pressing the 3rd button.

If it's possible, it will be amazing, i will buy this software immediately because it worth it :)

Thank you

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Re: Automatically Hold a Button ?!

Post by SGTCableDog »

This isn't currently possible but is likely to be added. Purchasers may suggest and vote for FeatureX, future features to be added to Xpadder.

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Re: Automatically Hold a Button ?!

Post by Jonathan »

This feature is one of the easier ones to add and will be added in the future - no idea exactly when though.

Thank you for your marketing suggestions. I have moved those posts and replies to a more suitable private area where it can be discussed between admin, mods and buyers.

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Re: Automatically Hold a Button ?!

Post by x79_animal »

look up autohotkey. here ill even do some scripting for you

SetKeyDelay -1
Send {Blind}{d DownTemp}

*s up::
SetKeyDelay -1
Send {Blind}{d Up}

This (when put into notepad and saved as .ahk when autohotkey is installed)
-will make the s button into an s and d button, pressing down s is like pressing down s and d, and the same for releasing. if you want to make other buttons do the same. replace the "s" and "d" bits in the script for your other buttons

good luck.


Re: Automatically Hold a Button ?!

Post by StickBike »

Thanks for your script, i will try to use it once à purchase the Software.
Thanx :)


Re: Automatically Hold a Button ?!

Post by StrickBik »

oh sorry, i didn't undestood well XD i tought it was a script for Xpadder :D actually it's for Autohotkey
Thank you i will try it

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