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Hello, I was wondering if This program will work with a xbox 360 headset. I want to get Modern Warfare 2 to play with my 360 controller. I just want to know if the microphone plugged into the controller would work.
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Re: Headset

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You can use Xpadder to play MW2 on your computer but it doesn't do any thing with the headset. I believe the drivers from Microsoft activates a sound driver when you plug a headset in to the controller. But I've never tried and don't have a headset.

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Re: Headset

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The headset is not a game controller so Xpadder will ignore it.
Plugging the headset into the Xbox 360 controller while it is connected (either wired or wirelessly) to Windows will give you a new audio device. The headphones are the speakers and the mic is the microphone. :)

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