Swapping sticks on dual analog controller?

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Swapping sticks on dual analog controller?

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Can xpadder swap the functions of the two sticks on a dual analog controller?
I'm playing a game that only supports one joystick and no buttons, but I want to use a 360 controller for everything. I'm trying to use the Right Stick for the functionality of the single joystick that the game supports, while mapping the left stick and buttons to the keyboard.
One strategy that people have gotten to work is creating a virtual pad in PPJoy using the Joystick Remixer that recognizes the sticks in reverse of the real controller, then ALSO using xpadder to do all the keyboard mapping for everything else.
That's fine, but I'd like to see if it can all be done in xpadder for simplicity.

I know it's possible to make xpadder recognize the sticks in reverse (use Detect and when it says "press stick 1" actually press stick 2, etc) but it only affects xpadder and doesn't change how the game recognizes each stick (or doesn't).

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Re: Swapping sticks on dual analog controller?

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Xpadder only accepts controller input and outputs keypresses and mouse movements to Windows. It does not otherwise change the controller data.

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