3.2 Advanced Instructions: Assignments work in Windows but not in game

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3.2 Advanced Instructions: Assignments work in Windows but not in game

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If your assignments works within Windows but not in your game, then there are two usual problems possible.

The first possibility is the so called UAC-issue. This issue occurs only with Windows Vista and newer and means that the game is running with administrator privileges and Xpadder not, so that Windows is blocking Xpadders input from the game.
To solve this issue first completely close Xpadder if it is running, but in every way check the notification area/system tray (right side of the Taskbar) to be sure. Then run Xpadder "as admin" by either right clicking the Xpadder.exe or a shortcut to it and then clicking on "Run as administrator". If you have Xpadder pinned to the Taskbar, you need to right click it there first and then right click the entry "Xpadder". You should now see the so called UAC Prompt where you have to click "Yes" to finally run Xpadder with admin privileges.
If you now want to check if Xpadder is really running with admin privileges press Windows Key+R, type osk.exe and press enter. Now open Xpadder and assign the left mouse button to any controller button, move the mouse over the cross of the opened Windows on-screen keyboard and try to click it using the controller button. If it works, Xpadder is running successfully with admin privileges.

More possibilities how to run a program as admin are to find here. Using "OPTION FIVE" from there will make Xpadder always run with admin privileges, but note that this will break Xpadders "Start with Windows" function (Windows simply doesn't allow Xpadder to start, probably because it doesn't want to show the UAC prompt directly after the login).
To start Xpadders automatically with Windows and with with admin privileges you need to use the Task Scheduler function of Windows. Read this tutorial tutorial for more information. Make sure to tick "Run with highest privileges".
If you also want to have a shortcut to maybe restart Xpadder for some reason and automatically keep elevated privileges, have also a look on this tutorial from step 13 on. This way over the Task Scheduler also removes the UAC prompt for Xpadder.

The second possibility is that an Anti-Cheat-Tool is blocking Xpadders emulated input. The most Anti-Cheat-Tools only need to have Xpadder running as admin, simply because games with Anti-Cheat-Protection always run with admin privileges too, but some block Xpadder completely. The only Anti-Cheat-Tool currently known for doing this is GameGuard. If your game is using this tool, there is unfortunately no way to bring it to work with Xpadder.
For more informations about Anti-Cheat-Tools have a look on the Official Anti-Cheat Topic here in the forum.

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