0.1 - Installing Xpadder

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0.1 - Installing Xpadder

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You should now have downloading Xpadder to your desktop.

Xpadder is a single program and does not install itself like most programs do. Filling your computer with files is messy so Xpadder doesn't do it.

You only need to place Xpadder somewhere where you can find it later and somewhere where you can save all your profiles for it.
The best location is your My Documents folder. Create a new folder called Xpadder there and move the Xpadder program from your desktop into this new Xpadder folder.

To make a shortcut to Xpadder simply right-click on the Xpadder program and select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)
This will place a handy link to launch Xpadder - feel free to move this shortcut to your start menu or taskbar.

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