2.0 - Advanced assignments: Sets

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2.0 - Advanced assignments: Sets

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What are Sets?
Each profile contains 8 Sets of assignments - the default is Set 1. The currently selected Set is highlighted in the lower right of the window.
You will normally only need to use Set 1 for your Profile.

How do I select a Set?
The sets can be manually selected by clicking one of the set buttons ( 1 to 8 ). You can also click the Set button and select a set from the list.

How do I make Xpadder select a Set automatically?
Any controller button can automatically select a set. Right-click a button in the layout picture and select the action from the Set Selector list.


Enabling the Set Selector allows the button to select a set.

Select the set to be selected and the selection method from the list or select "No" to disable Set Selecting. The currently selected set is displayed in the lower right corner of the controller layout picture. Sets can also be selected by clicking the required number button.
The bottom of the button in the controller layout picture will show a light blue rectangle. This rectangle shows the set that the button selects and the way it selects it.

The selected set will become active after pressing and releasing the gamepad button. This set will remain selected.

The selected set will become active after pressing and releasing the gamepad button. To return to the previous set press and release the gamepad button again.

While held
The selected set will only be active while the gamepad button is held. The previous set will return when the gamepad button is released.

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