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by sublyMs
14 Jun 2013, 16:43
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Topic: Garry's Mod (XBOX 360)
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Garry's Mod (XBOX 360)

i've been playing around with xpadder and gmod and made a nice layout for it. :D ;--- Xpadder Profile Data --- DataType=Profile Version=2012.05.01 Name=Garrys Mod Set1Button1Name=Jump Set1Button1Slots=Space Set1Button2Name=Reload Set1Button2Slots=R Set1Button3Name=Menu...
by sublyMs
14 Jun 2013, 00:42
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Minecraft (X360)
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Re: Minecraft (X360)

This works great :D
only could you change the B button to something else? fog isnt used anymore.

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