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by sofarsohappy
11 Jan 2014, 03:39
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Topic: Arma 2 - DayZ (X360)
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Re: Arma 2 - DayZ (X360)

could you ex plane changing the keys in game. do i delete those bindings listed above or change them to the same as the list above? run/walk toggle to left shift comes up red when i change it.
by sofarsohappy
19 Dec 2013, 00:37
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Dayz / ARMA II (X360) [BEST OUT]
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Re: Dayz / ARMA II (X360) [BEST OUT]

Range check error. i have copied all data and am pasting in the correct square.please help!
by sofarsohappy
09 Dec 2013, 03:45
Forum: Error message when starting Xpadder
Topic: Error messages upon launching XPadder
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Re: Error messages upon launching XPadder

Hi can somebody help xpadder is slowly driving me insane!! so neverwinter online runs with administrator so xpadder needs to be run as administrator also. But if i open xpadder as administrator it has the error message range check error. without administrator it opens fine with my saved profile ther...