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by incog
12 Jul 2014, 19:00
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: DayZ Standalone *updated (autopilot sprint and aim-throw! lean and walk)
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Re: DayZ Standalone (360) *updated (Gesture System Overhaul)

Anybody else have problems scrolling in the inventory ? It only works about 1 out of every 4 tries. I have to keep opening and closing inventory until it will let me scroll down.
by incog
04 May 2014, 17:59
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Rust (X360) *No Longer Works Oct. 2014*
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Re: Rust (X360) *Overhaul Revisions 2/27/2014*

for some reason the sprint doesn't seem to be working for me, any tips?

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