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by Namake
28 Dec 2009, 23:57
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Zeno Clash (X360)
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Zeno Clash (X360)

Hi: This is my 360 controller profile for the game Zeno Clash. I won the game without any trouble using this profile, hope it could be useful. :D ;--- Xpadder Profile Data --- Version=5.6 Name=Zeno Clash Set1Button2Slots=R Set1Button3Slots=Left Shift Set1Button4Slots=C Set1...
by Namake
16 Nov 2009, 05:44
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Mass Effect (X360)
Replies: 6
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Mass Effect (X360)

This is my Xbox 360 Mass Effect Profile: I hope it can be useful.. :D ;--- Xpadder Profile Data --- Version=5.6 Name=Mass Effect Set1Button1Name=Walk Set1Button1Slots=Z Set1Button2Name=Sprint Set1Button2Slots=Left Shift Set1Button3Name=Grenade Set1Button3Slots=R Set1Button4Name=Crouch Set1Button4Slo...

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