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by dj10802003
02 Jan 2011, 12:25
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Sacred 2 (X360)
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Sacred 2 (X360)

Does anyone have a profile for sacred 2 that makes it control like on xbox 360, for the 360 controller. thanks Haven't played on the 360 so I am not familiar with that layout. Here's mine: ;--- Xpadder Profile Data --- DataType=Profile Version=2010.11.17 Name=X360.Sacred 2 Set1StickDeadZones=103,10...
by dj10802003
02 Jan 2011, 12:22
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: The Witcher (X360)
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The Witcher (X360)

Here's what I use: ;--- Xpadder Profile Data --- DataType=Profile Version=2010.11.17 Name=X360.Witcher Set1StickDeadZones=103,103 Set2StickDeadZones=103,103 Set3StickDeadZones=103,103 Set4StickDeadZones=103,103 Set5StickDeadZones=103,103 Set6StickDeadZones=103,103 Set7StickDeadZones=103,103 Set8Stic...
by dj10802003
02 Jan 2011, 12:19
Forum: Game Profiles
Topic: Divine Divinity II (X360)
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Re: Divine Divinity II (X360)

I just got this game and was having the same problem as 54 with the camera resetting. Turns out that I have to turn my controller off when I start the game then everything works properly (turn the controller on when the menu is up). As a bonus I found the updated version of xpadder was released.
by dj10802003
22 Jul 2010, 02:07
Forum: Cannot start Xpadder
Topic: Xpadder not starting withWindows7 if UAC enabled
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Re: [DISCUSSING] Xpadder notstarting withWindows7 if UAC enabled

To get around the UAC you can make a task to launch Xpadder on startup. Here's how I do this on Windows 7 64 to auto start any program that requires admin privileges: Run Task Scheduler (Start->All Programs->System Tools->Task Scheduler) In the left hand pane click on the Task Scheduler Library fold...