Rock band 4 drums with cymbals

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Rock band 4 drums with cymbals

Post by didierdalz »

for some reason Xpadder thinks the cymbals are the same as the "toms" pads, wht i try to map it they map to the same buttons any ideas?
maybe i have to set it to some other protocol honestly dont know what to do. some dude managed to make it work on inputmapper, but i have no idea
how to use that..
If anyone has any idea Thanks!

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Re: Rock band 4 drums with cymbals

Post by Jonathan »

If you click the tab in the top-left corner of the main Xpadder window you will see the data being provided by the driver:


You will be able to see which parts of the controller are being sent as which buttons.

As the data here is being sent from the driver, Xpadder cannot determine the difference between the cymbals and the toms if they are being presented as the same component. There may be an option in the driver settings to alter which buttons perform which action. Click the Control Panel button in the bottom-left of the data window and select the controller.

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