Xpadder unable to connect .xpaddercontroller&.xpadderprofile

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kate sung
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Xpadder unable to connect .xpaddercontroller&.xpadderprofile

Post by kate sung »

when we running Xpadder In beginning, It can't automatically connect .xpaddercontroller&.xpadderprofile.

Therefore always need to set up once again to on profile that was already setted

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Re: Xpadder unable to connect .xpaddercontroller&.xpadderprofile

Post by Errol »

Since this question was posted I've been trying to wrap my head around your problem, because I never heard of something like this before!
Alright, let's try some possibilities and probabilities with what's happening with you and Xpadder!!!
Just keep in mind that Xpadder is a Keyboard and Mouse emulator.
Firstly...Make sure and have your controller or whatever device you're using to emulate connected to your PC.
Secondly...Make sure that Xpadder is located one place on your PC, e.g. your desktop or Program Files Folder in a dedicated folder named e.g. Xpadder or any other name as you desire.
Thirdly...If in your Program Files Folder, then you can right click on Xpadder and create a shortcut on your desktop.

As long as you have Xpadder in a dedicated folder...Xpadder will have all its files in the same folder.
Their are 2 main files Xpadder creates when it's first launched. Here are the 2 files created, not necessarily in the order I have them but these are the following files;

XBOX 360.xpaddercontroller

The other two files are .bmp files for theme and controller layout;

A layout image of the controller device e.g. Xbox.bmp

The last file created by Xpadder will be the actual profile you make or download for the game.
Here are the explanation for each file I mentioned.

"Xpadder.ini" is a file which is created by Xpadder when you first launch it and make your own settings to your desire.
".xpaddercontroller" is another file created by Xpadder when it sees the type of gaming device you're using and knows next time around what configurations are needed when in use at another time.
The "Theme.bmp" is just a background image for Xpadder but not really necessary. I like my Theme so I have my own for my pleasure.
The layout image is another .bmp file which you can give a name e.g. Xbox.bmp. The layout image is also not necessary but is indeed very useful so when you choose your triggers, buttons and joysticks you'll know exactly where each of them are assigned and where they are located.
The profile you download or create within Xpadder is also another file located in the same folder where Xpadder resides.

You can download Theme images, Controller images and any profile available for your game right here in the Xpadder website.

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