Tomb Raider - Right Stick issues

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Tomb Raider - Right Stick issues

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When playing pc games I like to use the mouse for weapons control and looking (up/down, left/right) in my left hand and a game pad in my right hand for other functions eg forward/back left/right (WASD) using the right stick and other functions mapped to the buttons on the controller. This set up (for me) gives really good control over aiming and firing and I can control other actions using the game pad without having to hunt all over a keyboard looking for the right keys.

I am playing Tomb Raider 2013 using a 360 wireless for Windows controller and am trying to set up the right stick as WASD but when in game wasd works ok but when I go forward I also look up and when I go back I look down. If I use the left stick, movement is perfect.

Can I swap the controls of the left stick with the right? I have looked through this sub forum and have tried the recommendations but I still have the same problem.

Many thanks

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