NBA 2K10 recognizes 2 control schemes at once

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NBA 2K10 recognizes 2 control schemes at once

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Hi guys,

Xpadder works wonderfully with every game on my PC that doesn't usually support an xbox controller. However, things get pretty weird when you try to use Xpadder with games that are already supposed to work with the xbox controller but end up doing horrible jobs with it, such as NBA 2K10. This is because the game senses both what the xbox controller is telling it to do and what Xpadder wants as well. Is there a way for the game to only recognize Xpadder's input and not what the xbox controller itself is doing? On the homepage of Xpadder it says it can "Play PC games with poor or no gamepad support," so I'm pretty sure there is some way. Thanks!

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Re: NBA 2K10 recognizes 2 control schemes at once

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If the game doesn't have an option to disable or unbind controller input you may be able to manually edit a configuration file. I won't be able help with that. If that doesn't help you can try starting the game with out the controller plugged in and plug the controller in after the game has started, this sometimes works. If the game only works with the 360 controller you can try finding an XInput emulator that works by trapping XInput commands, this would be the most difficult method.

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